Over the past few years, there has been a rise in the number of people who regularly vape. It is fast replacing cigarette smoking among teens and has been getting popular as a tool to quit cigarettes. As technology progressed, newer and more capable vape devices have started popping up in the market nowadays. They offer tons of control to the user and allow them to set everything as per their preferences so that one vape can suit all the requirements. 

You can easily get Juul Pods and vape juice from trusted vape stores like Eliquid Depot to get the best possible quality. When it comes to using vapes, it is better to invest in a trusted brand even if the cost is a bit higher than usual. Before you invest your money in a vape, it is important to bear a few things in mind such as:

Make sure that you understand your requirements and buy a vape device that suits your preferences. Like, if you prefer dense clouds over battery life, there is no issue in making a shift.

  • Avoid going for a complex vape device as it might get annoying for you to properly clean it after usage.
  • Do proper research on the devices that you have shortlisted and consider buying one after consulting experienced vapers.
  • Go for a machine that can fit your plans for a long time and can be upgraded.
  • Understand the dos and don’ts of the vape device before starting to use it.

Different types of vaping devices

Based on the differences in technology being used in the vaping devices, they can be of several types. Their types are also heavily dependent upon the type of e-liquid they use and the overall control that they provide to a vaper. Generally, vapes are divided into 3 different generations, each being a better and more versatile version of the previous generation. The following are the different generations of vapes that you should know about.

Vape pens

Vape pens were the first generation vaping devices that were extremely popular back when they were introduced. These were usually used and throw devices that should be thrown away once there is no power left. They came in various designs, most popular being the cigarette design. There was no way to refill vape juice in it and it came with a bland flavor. People had choices between nicotine levels though. They were often promoted as gateway to quit smoking cigarettes. As time progressed, they also started coming with vape juice refills.

Vape mods

These are second-generation devices that had a lot better performance and efficiency than their ancestors. These can be heavily modified to enhance performance. They popularized vaping and by using them, users could get better clouds with battery efficiency.

Pod systems

These are the latest generation of vaping devices and are considered to be the best option in the market. They allow you to control nearly all the aspects of vaping so that you can set it as per your preference and enjoy an even better vaping experience. They are rechargeable and are extremely durable for suitable vapers.

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